Beagle Bed & Breakfast provides a safe, happy, dog-centric location for your four-legged family members to spend their time away from home.  We are committed to making sure that you and your dog are happy and satisfied.

You can choose between two options for Daycare:  Full or Half Day visits.  Half Day visits are 4 hours and under.  Daycare is open Monday—Friday between 6:30AM—7:00PM.  Dogs can run, play, climb, and explore the area in our great all-fenced backyard, nap under the shade trees, on indoor/outdoor dog beds, enjoy the wading pool during the hot weather, and be happy socializing with other well-behaved dogs.

Our overnight dogs will have the luxury of finding their most comfortable spot to settle down for the night, whether that is on a soft dog bed, soft, or even snuggled up with us.  We encourage you to bring anything to help make your dog feel at home while they’re away from home (dog bed, special toy, familiar blanket, etc.)  Overnight Boarding is available 7 days a week.  Drop off and pick up is during regular hours of 6:30AM—7:00PM (unless alternative arrangements are approved through Management). 

We never crate unless your dog feels more comfortable in a den like atmosphere or you request a crate due to crate training. In those cases we have crates located in the same area so your dog will still be with his friends and the staff.