Our new 15 Acre farm is ideal for your dogs to enjoy their Dog Daycare and Overnight Boarding visits in our large fenced outdoor play areas. Imagine them running and playing through the fields soaking up the sunshine.
Each afternoon nap time and night will be spent curled up in our Farmhouse listening to soothing music as they drift off to sleep.  Just like our previous location, 24/7 loving care is provided by trained professionals.
Our kennel-free facility is perfect for socialized dogs that enjoy their dog friends and cuddling with people.

Opening April 1, 2018

Our new outdoor play areas will be called:
"Tiny Tikes" for small dogs
"Gentle Giants" for large dogs
"Puppy Coop" for puppies

Our transportation vehicle will be named Waggin' Wheels!

Beagle Bed & Breakfast's Freedom Farm
17449 Irishtown Road, Emmitsburg, MD 21227

* 15 Acres of wide open farm land
* 900 square foot separate indoor play rooms for small and large dogs
* Acres of fenced play fields separated for small and large dogs
* Transportation - Dog Daycare and Overnight Boarding pick up and drop offs for a small fee

Future enhancements!
* Updated check-in/out and office space easily accessible from our driveway and parking area
* Large indoor climate controlled play building where training classes and additional services will be available

Our dreams have come true! Thanks to your amazing support and our loyal clients, we have grown so much over the past few years that we need to expand! We have finally found and purchased the perfect farm for

Beagle Bed & Breakfast's Freedom Farm!

Beagle Bed & Breakfast's Freedom Farm is here!